Friday, July 12, 2013

Please Sir Can I Have Some More???

Welcome to Cafe De Mental Illness.

Hi my name is Nelly and I will be your server today............

Our special is the mental illness platter. It is a large portion so it is perfect to share with your family and friends.

Let's start off with something to drink. We have regular guilt and diet guilt. The diet has artificial sweetener but the carbonation will still rot your teeth, however the diet seems to be a little less pungent in flavor. Diet you say, excellent choice. Do want ice with that?

Our appetizer special is crispy fried shame sticks with marinara sauce on the side. They are gooey and cheesy and stick with you all night long. They are my personal favorite for that oh so full feeling. Great I'll put your order in right away.

For an entree we have Stigma glazed steak, medium rare. You have an option of side dishes such as steamed asparagus sprinkled with I think I have lost my mind. Mashed potatoes covered in brown I am not sure the voices are real gravy, or the home made mac n' cheese made with organically grown snide remarks, misinformed comments, hurtful knee jerk reactions  and aged smoked cheddar .

Oh, you don't want the sides you would prefer a salad? Okay, we currently serve salad greens with sliced judgment and unearned fearful glances with a nice raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Tart and healthy.

For dessert we offer a smooth chocolate mousse complete with negative feelings of self worth and low self esteem. If we make it extra creamy we might even throw in some despair, free of charge of course.
We only serve the best. Don't forget to take a doggy bag with you in case you can't finish it all in one setting.
How was your meal? Awesome. Here at Cafe De Mental Illness we aim to please. I hope you had a wonderful time.
Don't be a stranger and Ya'll come back now ya hear?

Sounds yummy right?
Please Sir can I have some more?..............said no one ever.

This is an interpretation of all that we, the mental illness sufferers, go through everyday. This is the putrid meal fed to us over and over again. We are forced to swallow judgments, stigma, shame, and guilt that we do not deserve. Everyday we have obstacles to climb over and figure out how to go around. It makes it harder to do this if we keep being fed ignorant notions of what we can be or who we are. Notions that are wrong and hurtful. Notions that are not based in fact but based in the fears of the masses.  Notions that are no more than painted ashes and lies. The truth of the matter is that if you are fed the same stories over and over you start to believe them. If all you hear is negative remarks you start to believe that they are true. If all we hear is that we are bad, wrong, useless, unlovable then we start to forget how to believe in anything else. I am here to let you in on a little secret. We can be whatever we choose to be. We are whomever we want to be. Nothing stands in our way but the notions we have been force fed and have started to believe. They are only powerful if we give power to them. I don't know about you, but I would like to eat at a different restaurant. The waitress was really nice but I would like to cut my teeth on better choices of food. I would like to fill my stomach with positive connotations of who I am and what I can be. I want to be able to hold my head up high. I can't do that if I let every ignorant remark push me down. I have been pushed down long enough and I am tired of sinking down. Tired of believing that I am what others have projected upon me. I am not any of those things. I am simply me. Me a mother, me a wife, me a blogger, and yes, me with a mental illness. How does that make me any less amazing than the next person? It doesn't.

Neurotic Nelly


  1. How much more would you like, or do you just think you want more, and what is more? More,more or more,less? What color more.

  2. I don't want any. That's what I am talking about. I don't want a dinner of stigma, judgment, shame, guilt, undeserved fearful glances, and negative comments forced down my throat daily just because I have mental illness. That's why I am quoting Oliver Twist in my title. He was starving I am full. Full of the bias and discrimination placed on me and others like me with mental illness. Please sir can I have some more stigma said no one ever....