Friday, September 27, 2013

A Big Thanks......

I just wanted to take a few minutes of today and thank all of my readers. It has been a wonderful experience to learn how to blog and talk about something that is near and dear to my heart. I never imagined that when I started this blog over 10 months ago that it would turn out as well as it has.

So thank you all so very much. I really appreciate all of your support and comments. Thank you for your understanding, your acceptance, and your belief that mental illness is not a subject to shy away from. That we have nothing to be ashamed of. That what we have to say is just as important as what everyone else has to say. Thank you for standing with me and blogging with me. Thank you for listening and reading my opinions and rants. Thank you for standing up for mental illness and those that suffer from it. Thank you for simply clicking my blog post and taking the time to glance at it.

I truly believe the more we talk about mental illness, the more we can change other's perceptions of what that word means. I believe that the more open and honest we are the more we learn about not only ourselves but also each other. It has been an honor to blog about this and I truly appreciate all of the overwhelming support I have received form you guys. You guys rock!!!!

Until tomorrow.....
Neurotic Nelly

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