Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloweeeeeen.....

Happy Halloween everyone! Well it could be more happy if I hadn't slept til one in the afternoon. I have a good reason for this, though. It started when my kids brought home a stomach virus at the end of last week. Thinking after they got better the hubby and I were in the clear we felt safe to go back to our regular routine, never knowing it would be curtains for us. We were doomed before we even got started.

Fast forward to yesterday as my husband was stricken down at work by this vile bug. While taking care of him  with extra blankets, gatoraide, soup and crackers,  he looked at me with a sad regretful warning of great concern and in a soft yet ominous whisper stated,"Your're next."

I did not appreciate that statement. After all,  I am the queen of denial..
Now as someone with OCD I can deny with the best of them. It comes with the territory. I can pretend everything is fine. I can pretend I am completely normal. I can deny and pretend until I cant anymore, so I was all : I am not going down like that. I am not going to get this sickness. I am invincible.

I was sure I would be fine. Sure I would not become a causality of this stomach bug. Sure I was stronger than everyone else, I am after all, Mom.

I am sick. My head feels like a group of miniature angry leprechauns are trying to force their way out of my eye socket with tiny jackhammers. My stomach is making sounds that resemble a boiling tar pit. I have decided food is completely overrated at this point and am avoiding it. I am paler than usual and my joints are so painful I am actually already walking like a zombie. What fresh hell is this?

The hubby has to work til  late tonight so I am responsible for taking the kids trick or treating. We worked really hard on their costumes and I am not letting them down. To top it off it is supposed to thunderstorm really badly during the trick or treating hours. I will not be denied! I will be damned if something as paltry and ghastly as a simple stomach bug or thunder storm is going to ruin the one day a year kids are encouraged to dress like a weirdos and freaks and demand other people's candy with childhood blackmail.  I am not going down like that. I don't care if I have to drag my half dead body across the pavement in the middle of a raging typhoon. My children will not be denied their spoils of Halloween candy! You hear me? There will be spoils to be had in this house!!!!!

So, we are going to go trick or treating. I will try my best to stay away from everyone and not breathe on a single soul, although with the forecasted wind I doubt that will be a problem. I will take it slow and carry an umbrella and try not to "redecorate" anyone's lawn. I should be able to walk them up to a few houses at least and stand on the sidewalk while they go up on the porches and get the candy to make sure they are safe. I love Halloween and this really bites. Oh well, I am determined they will have a great time and then I am going to go home and vegetate in bed with warm tea and a cold compress.

At least I don't have to dress up this year, I already look like something drug out from the sewers. Have a safe and terrific Halloween everybody and in the spirit of ghosts and ghouls and all things creepy I will part this post with my favorite Halloween poem:

Crystal water turns to dark 

Where ere it's presence leaves it's mark 
And boiling currents pound like drums 
When something wicked this way comes... 

A presence dark invades the fair 
And gives the horses ample scare 
Chaos rains and panic fills the air 
When something wicked this way comes... 

Ill winds mark it's fearsome flight, 
And autumn branches creak with fright. 
The landscape turns to ashen crumbs, 
When something wicked this way comes... 

Flowers bloom as black as night 
Removing color from your sight 
Nightmarish vines block your way 
Thorns reach out to catch their prey 

And by the pricking of your thumbs 
Realize that their poison numbs 
From frightful blooms, rank odors seep 
Bats & beasties fly & creep 

'Cross this evil land, ill winds blow 
Despite the darkness, mushrooms glow 
All will rot & decompose 
For something wicked this way grows...

By Ray Bradbury

Neurotic Nelly

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