Friday, May 16, 2014

Scared update...

Thank you guys so much for your comments and prayers. Still no answers but on the 5th of June they are going to put me under to take pictures of my esophagus and bile duct with a camera scope. If they find stones then it will turn into the same procedure I have already had four times. If not then it might be ulcers or something. I am a little scared but also relieved that we may finally get answers. Which will make me feel better.

So I will keep you all updated and again I can't think you enough for all of your support. It truly means a great deal to me.

Neurotic Nelly


  1. Hi Nelly, will keep you in prayer. I know waiting is not easy. Treat yourself well, and I love your blog, keep us updated ((huggs))

    1. Thank you so much K Maria! I am trying to stay positive lol. I am honored you love my blog :)

  2. Things will be just fine Luscious. Being worried is normal but you are young, healthy, full of life and have a long ways to go. MUUUUAHHH! :)

  3. Thanks TR. I am hoping this will finally give me some answers and maybe a way to stop the pain "episodes" that I keep getting randomly.