Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ugh google + sorry for the delay

Ok so my name was contested by google +. It would not have been a big deal except that my blogger is tied in with google+ and google searches. Forcing me to change my name has in fact changed my search name, my comment name, and how people will find me. In short, it sucks and I am not happy. Apparently the 5000 page views of my blog and the 100 followers on twitter were not enough to establish my proof as my name being known by enough people. Also the almost 500 people on google plus that have me in their circles. I am not sure how many I actually needed to keep my name but I do feel singled out. I do feel discriminated against and I am disheartened by it. I Feel that no amount of proof I would have given would have been enough. I am not sure what to think about this situation. I was suspended for two days while they "reviewed" my appeal. I was not able to even look at my blogger page. I then received a message that if google didn't approve of my new name I could be suspended for three months. Now I don't mean to make a huge stink, here but it is not as if my name Twinbuttcheeks  Brown or anything. It was simply Nelly Neurotic. So now I am stuck with Nelly N. I hope you all understand why the change has happened and will continue to read my posts. I have included by Nelly Neurotic on my blog title as a sign of defiance. Because I am Nelly Neurotic and I want to continue to represnt that even if google + doesn't want me to. I also will be signing all of my posts by Neurotic Nelly as I always do. Just know that every time you see the N. it stands for Neurotic. Just know that like the obstacles life throws in your path there is always a way around it. It may stink, you may get dirty or disheartened, it may even seem impossible, but there is always a way out and a way to succeed in whatever you want to do.  I may have to accept that my name has been taken away from me in it's entirety, but you will know and I will know that they can never truly take away my name. I am Neurotic Nelly and I approve this message.
Neurotic Nelly

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