Thursday, March 10, 2016

Hello Dear Readers.....

Hello there dear readers,

I wanted to share with you guys a post I am very excited about that was published by an OCD group that I really believe in. There is a great bunch of information about OCD and is geared towards being informational as well as inspiring. I am honored to have been allowed to write a post for them.

 You can my new post here:

Their website is:

You can find both @TheOCDStories and me, @NeuroticNelly1 on twitter.

I am honored to still be blogging after 3 years. It has really opened my eyes and my heart and has allowed me to live with less fear in my life. Less fear of judgment, less fear of stigma. I have run into a few negative comments but mostly I have received some amazing support and have talked to some amazing people. I am truly thankful for all of the encouragement I have gotten while blogging. It really means a lot.

I always get a little scared when I put myself out there and offer a written piece to other websites. I am afraid of rejection but also I sometimes second guess  myself and my worthiness as a writer. I have committed to myself this year, to go out there and keep on doing so. I truly believe that sometimes you will fail but you can never succeed if you never try. It is, for me, all about trying to live out of my comfort zone and continuing to believe in myself. I have not always been very good at believing in myself. I am pushing to continue to change that. I know that I must practice what I preach.

I know that living with mental illness is never easy but if my blog does anything, it is my deepest wish that it inspires hope. I want people who suffer to know, that they are worthy capable human beings. That their feelings and desires matter. That they can be whatever they choose to be and that they are worth all of the trails and struggles and work. They are worth hanging in there. You are worth hanging in there.

People that suffer from mental illness have the same desires as people that do not. We all want to be loved, to be accepted, to be seen and heard. And there is no reason that we can't have those things. There is no reason for us to live our lives in under neath the weight of shame and wrapped in a straight jacket of stigma.

There is no reason mental illness should be looked at by the rest of the world any differently than any physical illness is. We did not choose to be this way but we do have to live with our mental illness. There is no reason we should have to live in fear of judgment on top of that as well.

I want all of us to know what amazing, unique, magnificent individuals we are. I want us never to doubt how important we all are not just to our loved ones but also the world.

We are all important. We all matter.

So, I thank each and every one of you that read this. My blog would not mean anything if no one read it. It would be like speaking into the wind. I really do appreciate the time and the comments and the encouragement. I hope that my posts also offer you all the same kind of inspiration and encouragement that you all have offered me.

Please if you have time, take a moment to read my guest post and to take a gander at the website.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Until next Thursday,
Neurotic Nelly


  1. Hi, that was very emonitional, i'm glad you write and i tweeted this to Elementary writers, that if they've done anything it's lowered the stigma of seeking help. I see some of the titles of the mental illness blogs, they look very interesting. Your right we with mental illness (or without) are unique and incredibly special. That being said, perhaps it was a recent bottoming out that allowed me to overcome my stigma of thearpy...only recently have i been able to overcome the stigma of joining Google Plus...(Half a joke). I disagree with you on one point ". My blog would not mean anything if no one read it." I am a strong believer in therapy, now i also feel talking to someone who doesn't judge you is good too. (They shouldn't enable you to harmful things in my opinion) I remember reading somewhere, if you write, write for you. I know that comments and things make us feel happy. That's fine, but really, if you want to write, just write, if no one ever reads it at least you got it off your chest. My view. If you ever need help feel free to contact me at I am not sure what i can do, but if you need someone to talk to or chat. I'm on group me, kakao, and i like email.

    1. Wow, thank you very much. I really appreciate your kind words. I am happy that you have found the strength and bravery to get help. It can be very daunting to take that first step. I congratulate you and I wish well in your journey. I am sure that you will do great. Thank you again for your support :)