Tuesday, June 6, 2017

As Long As.......

We the walking wounded, the broken, the unhinged....we the forgotten, misunderstood, the ignored....we the sufferers, we are so much more than we give ourselves credit for.

We are human and as such are certainly not perfect and yet we blame ourselves for not being exactly that. We degrade ourselves for having mental illness, for our issues, and for the things we can not do.

We struggle to revel in what we can do, as if it weren't good enough. I am unable to work because of my mental illness but instead of beating myself up over it I choose to look at the things I am doing. I am still capable of other things. I just need to remember to celebrate my wins. Maybe I didn't get up enough energy to do all of the things around the house I wanted to but I did get out of bed. I did go for a walk. I did go outside and breathe in the sunlight. I let it anoint me with it's warmth. I let the breeze blow across my face. I let it dance in my hair and I allowed myself to remember that I am alive. I am not what my mind tells me I am. I am worthy. I am whole. I am just as important as everyone else.

It's okay not to be okay all of the time. It is fine as long as you keep trying to do what you can. As long as you hold onto your support groups. As longs as you are doing what you are supposed to be doing. There are no easy fixes to mental illness. Some days are going to be harder than you could ever imagine but some days will be easier. Some days will be not even an issue. Hang in there. You can do this.

Go outside and close your eyes. Hear the birds. Feel the sun on your face. Let the world surround you with it's noise. Let the light braze your skin. Breathe the world around you in. You are right where you are supposed to be at this moment. You are who you are supposed to be. You are strong. You are unique. You are a fighter. You can do this.

It is okay if you don't win every battle. It is fine if you can't do everything. No one wins everything and does everything they think they should. That is just a standard we hold to ourselves so that we can blame ourselves for not meeting an impossible standard. We are better than that and we are worth more than we give ourselves credit for.

I hope that you are remaining positive. I hope that you are celebrating you wins. I hope that when you look in the mirror you say only good things about yourself. I hope that you start to realize what a magnificent, unique, important person you all are to this world. Remember that.

Always, Neurotic Nelly

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