Friday, October 18, 2013

I Moved.....

Hello my dear readers and friends! I have to apologize for not writing as often as I used to but I have been busy with moving. We have finally finished moving into our new home and sold our old one. It has been quite busy around here.

In that I would like to share a few links to better follow my blog posts and anything else I may share on those websites. Again thank you all for your support.

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  1. So happy you moved to the country its so beautiful out there

  2. Take lots of calming deep breaths...I know moving with OCD can be a challenge. True story: about 15 years ago I had a freind of mine who has OCD help me move and he was awesome because his anxiety to get things into the right place fueled him to work like a beast. He was amazing. But at the end, there was a wheel missing to my daughter's crib and it drove him nuts to the point where he was calling me into the night to make sure I found it because he couldnt stop thinking about it.

    Anyway - Enjoy your new place! Congrats

  3. Thank you very much Kenneth! It was difficult but we got through it. :)