Thursday, May 8, 2014

Just Remember....

Just remember....

You have taken a stick and beaten back worse..

You have fought long and hard and you are battle ready...

You have gotten over bigger mountains and swam deeper seas....

You have been here before and you kicked it's ass then, you are capable of doing it again.....

When struggles get you down and wear you thin, remember that you are strong. You are magnificent. You are capable.

Sometimes we forget that we are not just sufferers, we are also survivors. Sometimes we forget to change our vocabulary from can't and won't to can and will because we have before...

Sometimes we get turned around and lost and even sometimes go backwards. But make no mistake, we can do this. We are the warriors of our minds. We are the heroes of our lives. We are the right fighters. The educators of masses. And just when it seems we can't take much more, that we are going to fail, that we can't do it any longer....we bend at the last second instead of breaking under the weight. Because we are just that strong, even if we don't yet realize how much.

I am not going to lie to you. It will be hard. Everything worth having is. I am not going to say that there won't be times that you fell gutted, and disgusted, and angry. I am not going to say that there won't be days that simply finding the will to get out of bed in the morning seems like too monumental of a task. There will be those times. There will be those days.

There will be struggles, and obstacles, and issues. There will be ignorance, stigma, and stupidity. There will be naysayers and people that crap on your parade just because they can. It happens and it will happen.

But there is something that you need to remember for those times, dealing with those people, working on those obstacles. You are worth it. Every single second, every single minute, every single day, you are worth it. Every single smile, every single laugh, every single good day when the pain are worth it. You are worth the hardships, and pain, and the long sleepless nights. You are worth the therapy, and doctor's appointments. You are worth the side effects and pharmacy visits. You are worth the effort. You are not a burden. You matter. YOU ARE WORTH IT!

On hard days, the hardest of days that make you feel exhausted and alone remember, there are many of us that have been where you are now. There are many of us that are still in that same space. There are many of us that understand and care. You are many things. Many wondrous and magnificent things but alone is not one of them.

You are brave. On your toughest day, you are braver than most have ever even dreamed of being. On your darkest nights, you have more courage than most could even fathom. You are tough, and fearless, and down right damned determined. You are a fighter. You do not give up. You do not back down. You do not cave in. You do not give an inch. You might lose a battle or three but you never lose the war. You are a champion.

You have seen more pain, tasted more fear, and dealt with more stressful situations in a year than the average person does in their lifetime. You have spent years reaching deep into yourself and pulling out the ugly broken bits, analyzing them, putting them back together and putting them back in. You have logged more time with a therapist than most people log in work hours. You have been working tirelessly in the ditches, sloshing in the vile muddy waters of your mental illness because you are a warrior and you refuse to be beaten. You have done this before and you will do this again as many times as it takes because that is who you are. A human. A force to be reckoned with. A survivor. A hero. An inspiration. A beneficial, capable, kind, compassionate, intelligent, strong, brave, amazing, magnificent person and you are beautiful. You are loved. You are valid. You are important. You matter in this world.

You have struggled and fought and worked on yourself. You have done this over and over and over again. You have been here before and you got through it, because you can and you will.
So when you feel defeated and hopeless and lost take long look in the mirror and just got this.

Neurotic Nelly


  1. You totally have this. You are right, we are SURVIVORS!! This is great post, you always write so well, and I always feel what you are saying. Have a happy Mother's Day!

    1. awe thank you so very much! Have a wonderful mother's y as well!

  2. This is a nicely written piece my friend...


  3. I think I am going to print this out and put it inside my planner! Would you mind? I'm starting to look for words of inspiration to help boost my confidence and battle my anxiety.

    1. Angel, thank you so very much. If you feel it inspires you then print away! :)

  4. This a great post. Truly you are a light in the darkness. Many things you say here are strength-inspiring. Thanks.