Tuesday, May 6, 2014

So.........Please Check It Out....

So today's post is a guest post at my friends fantastic site: http://www.dontlikeonions.com/2014/05/unmedicated-OCD-beautiful.html! Please check it out and all of the other wonderful posts she has.  She is not only a great mother, a great blogger, a terrific person, but also a sufferer of OCD.  She writes about her life, her struggles, but also all of the many great things that interest her as well. I love that her site contains elements of mental illness but also shows that a person can live a full life living with one. She is one of my many inspirations and I am honored to have been able to write a post for her.

Please check out my post and hers as well! Thanks guys:)

Neurotic Nelly

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  1. Awww! You are so sweet!! It's nice to have friend that understands all of this life with OCD. I'm so happy that you did a guest post for me. You are an amazing author, great with words and I am so very honored!