Thursday, January 24, 2013

Judgement Day

Judgement: the forming of an opinion, estimate, notion, or conclusion, as from circumstances presented to the mind:
          I have a problem with judgment. Not a problem with judging but with being judged. Why as humans are we so hateful, negative, and spiteful to others? What is this fascist need to place everyone in the same box. Why do we constantly try to hammer the square peg into the round whole?Why does the large woman at McDonalds bother you so much? Oh you probably won't say anything to her face, but you know darn well you are saying snide remarks under your breath. Like she really needs another cheese burger, shouldn't she opt for the salad instead? Why do you feel repulsed by her? Why do you feel superior to her because you weigh less? The sad part is she is probably the most nicest person you would ever meet and yet you have judged her to be inferior. You of course are not fat so it's obviously her problem. How dare she eat where you do! Or what about the dirty homeless man walking beside you on the street. You know the one you refuse to acknowledge as he shivers in someone else's ill fitting coat. You turn your back on him in fear that he will ask you for something. Haven't you already given enough? Never mind the fact that he is someone's father, uncle, brother, or son. Never mind the fact that 20-25% of the homeless population have severe mental illness. Mental illness that goes untreated because to receive help you must have a job or get on welfare. To get welfare you must have a place of residence.This man that so disgusts you could even be a war vet. A man that could have sacrificed everything just so you could stand on the street and look down on him in your work suit. Or the drug addicted prostitute on the corner.  Lets look down upon her as well. She is uncouth and diseased. She obviously is used to the abuse and likes it or she would go out and make something of herself.  Never mind that most prostitutes were sexually abused as children or how much of hell was her home life that to be cold, starving, and drug addicted seemed to be the better option? Of course though you are right we should judge her as well. In fact while we drive by her, lets throw our McDonalds cup full of soda at her, just so she knows how low we think she really is. And now, because we are all so adept at using the internet we don't have to localize our hate! We can spew it all over the world like a hate filled radio active sprinkler system! Not only can we bully the unpopular kid at school, we can rush right home and create fake profiles to abuse him with the world wide web. We can even attack him on the cell phone. That way he has no option but to understand just how much we hate him. Because he isn't like us. Because he doesn't fit in. Because he makes us uncomfortable.  Because he makes us look at ourselves and despise what we see. And why stop there? Why don't we dole out our judgments and opinions on everyone? We can embarrass and hurt our friends and acquaintances online for the world to see. We can humiliate and crush their dreams in front of everyone! We can tell the world just what we really think of them!And, just so we don't look too harsh we can put something like "just saying" on the end of it! That ought to cut them down to size.I mean it's not like we have to take responsibility for our opinions.  Everyone is allowed to have them and therefore we should expose everyone to them. Because obviously our opinions are far more important than their self esteem. They shouldn't be so sensitive. We would never be sensitive to other people's judgment of us. It's not like we could ever be one of those people. If life had dealt us different cards we would still be exactly as we are now! We have never had a mental illness or been dirt poor with no options. We have never been abused, mistreated, or had a situation that we could not control. We are righteous. We are infallible.We have never gotten side tracked , made any mistakes,or had a problem we just couldn't fix because we are perfect and we know everything.  

                                                                                                  Neurotic Nelly                                      

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