Monday, April 1, 2013

Thank You

I would like to write this post and dedicate it to my readers. You have given me a voice. You have validated my thoughts and words and for that I am truly greatful. It means so much to me that people would take time out of their day and read something written by a stranger. My posts about mental illness are sometimes a struggle. Sometimes they leave me feeling raw and sensitive. Sometimes I feel full of hope and encouragement. They are always very dear to me. I welcome all of the comments I have received. So many of you have been so supportive. I really treasure that. When I started writing I was not sure what I had to say would be heard. I was frightened it would not be good enough or interesting enough. That my subject matter would be embarrassing or uncomfortable for some people. I made a promise that I would go about writing this honestly and not hold back anything. I was terrified and greatful for the support I have received. I even welcome negative comments. Sounds odd but I do. I welcome them because I believe that it opens discussion. Discussion opens up being able to educate, and educating ends the stigma many of us are trying to put an end too. Weather you have OCD or another mental illness you are very aware of  how the stigma silences us. Because of you, my amazing readers, I am able to stand up and talk openly about something I have hidden all of my life. I never imagined that my voice would be heard in places like all over the US, the UK, Canada, Germany, Russia, Japan, China, India, and France. Wow. Just Wow. And it is all because you guys take the time to read what I have to say. So I wanted to take the time and say Thank You. Thank you for your support, your time, and your comments. I really am  so greatful and appreciative. Hopefully, we can all put an end to the stigma that surrounds us. Hopefully, more people will come forward and we can all start talking about mental illness without the fear of judgement or ridicule. That we can all stand up and say that we are here and we are worthy of love, understanding, and acceptance. So thank you everyone!  
                               Neurotic Nelly


  1. Hi Nelly I am not familiar with your writing, I read this post and your about me. Any form of sickness can be remove or lessened. I admire your braveness and strenght. Your family is very fortunate to have you. You are different and that is wonderful. Keep looking and asking there is a Powerful energy that is focused on you. Constanly assisting you. Love yourself and all that you have. I wish you the best in your journey. You are good right where you are. :-)